What is a home inspection?

A home inspection is a non-invasive, non-destructive, visual inspection of the home and its systems, with the systems being operated under normal conditions for a limited amount of time.

Is a home inspection necessary?

All homes have conditions that need minor or major repairs. A home inspection before you make your purchase gives you the satisfaction of knowing what is needed with a home to avoid costly repairs.

Who should perform my home inspection?

Parce Inspections of course, Why? You also want an inspection company with high standards and ethics. Our pricing is competitive, and we are available Monday - Saturday to inspect your new home. Some home buyers choose to forgo having their home inspected by a professional inspection service. They may have a family member or friend who is knowledgeable about homes and construction. Why pay someone if you can get Uncle Joe to do it? Too often we have seen an "Uncle Joe" talk someone out of purchasing the home of their dreams simply because they feel they must find something wrong or they have not done their job. They may be wanting to show how much they know and make mountains out of mole hills. Conversely, Uncle Joe may have been in the building for years, but because he does not have training as home inspector, he can easily overlook important items; Uncle Joe may not be invited to the next family reunion if he does not identify a costly repair.

How do I choose a professional home inspector?

You can make it simple by choosing Parce Inspections. You can go to the yellow pages, they have nothing to gain or lose by whomever you chose. However, they also have no firsthand experience with inspectors to tell you which is the best. The best looking advertisement and nicest secretary that answers the phone does not always mean the inspector is reputable. Referrals from professionals can often be helpful. Your lawyer, mortgage officer or real estate agent can refer you to a company they think does a good job. Lawyers and mortgage officers have nothing to gain or lose by whoever does the inspection. However, they tend to know home inspectors only by reputation rather than by first-hand experience of watching them perform inspections. Real estate agents provide most of the referrals to home inspection companies. They have first-hand knowledge regarding who does a good job and who does not. Good realtors know that much of their future business comes from past customers and referrals, and that they will receive neither if they refer poor inspectors who cause costly problems.

What is the home inspector responsible for?

Any professional inspection firm will have an agreement for you to read and sign. This agreement will spell out the company's capabilities and their limitations.

Do not assume you know what the inspector can do for you based on what you hope or want him to do for you. There are limitations. Inspectors are there to limit your risk in the purchase of a home. However, they cannot eliminate that risk. Generally, their function is to observe and evaluate the major systems of the home and report to you the conditions they observe that exist on the day of the inspection. When problems are found the inspector will either offer recommendations of how to repair or recommend you get further evaluation by someone who specializes in that field.

An inspector cannot predict the condition of a system five years from now, or even what condition it will be in the next day. To put it simply, anything that breaks was working the day before it broke; a furnace working the day of the inspection may develop a problem between then and the date you move in. There are also limitations to the depth of evaluation a home inspector can perform. There are components to systems that are not visible without dismantling the system. Home inspectors do not perform this kind of testing. Weather can also be a factor. You may book an inspection date and snow may fall, covering the roof of the house. The inspector can evaluate only what is visible. It is not his responsibility to report on a roof that cannot be seen. It is not his responsibility to come back later to check items which were not accessible the day of the inspection.

You have booked a block of time for the inspector to inspect the accessible items during that time only. Some companies will make an effort to come back at no extra charge if they are in that general area during the following days. However, this second look may not be possible within the time allotted for your inspection. A fee may be required for return inspections so that they are completed in a timely manner. Although cosmetics and minor deficiencies may be discussed and even reported, this is not the purpose of the inspection, and should not be the focus of concern throughout the inspection.

Why inspect a new home?

You would expect a new home to be in "perfect condition. However, even new homes can have flaws. From missing screens to electrical sockets, many times faulty items are missed by the contractor.

What will the the inspection cost?

How should the cost of inspection enter into your choice of inspectors? First of all, choosing an inspector based solely on finding a low price almost certainly can result in the buyer hiring an inexperienced inspector, a part time inspector, or a ‘drive-by’ inspector. Smart homebuyers do their homework and choose their inspector based on reliable referrals, research and by asking the right questions.

Home Inspection price, why does it matter?

The Home Inspection Industry is an oddity when it comes to value and perceived value. The most common misconception about the cost of a Home Inspection is that ‘all inspectors have to do the same inspection, just find the cheapest inspector.

The amount of experience and value an Inspector brings is not measured by how cheap or little the inspection fee is, but by how much value there is in the information the Inspector reveals to his/her client. If an inspector charges $200 dollars less for the Inspection, yet overlooks or fails to mention that the property is prone to flooding, has a leaking roof or a roof that is completely past its useful life, foundation problems, electrical deficiencies, an air conditioning system that is held together with duct-tape and is terribly inefficient, what good is it to save $200 up front when the Inspector misses tens of thousands of $dollars$ in repairs, grief and anguish.

Inspection cost vary based on several factors: square footage and age of property, number of kitchens, baths, buildings, air conditioning units, etc.

Our prices reflect the experience, diligence, and reporting skills that you so desperately need to protect your investment and your family.

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